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Smoking has many ill effects, not only for the smoker’s health also for the persons around them. An electronic cigarette can be a practical alternative for the people who want to quit smoking but could not succeed in it. Some of the top reasons why should you switch to electronic cigarettes provided in this article will help you in deciding in this regard.

The heat or ultrasonic system used in e-cigs helps in vaporizing the propylene glycol / vegetable glycerin liquid solution in the form of vapour, working on the principle which helps a humidifier to evaporate the solution used to inhale at the time of cold. A heating element connected to a source of power through a wired USB or battery are contained in an e-cigarette.

1-Inhaling the vapors through e-cigarettes imitates tobacco smoking as the vapour provides similar flavor of the smoke of tobacco and physical sensation in a similar looking device. E-cigarettes are a healthy and viable alternative for traditional cigarettes if you want to quit.

2-Electronic cigarettes are also a fantastic money saving alternative for traditional smoking. You have to buy regular cigarette packs time and again after finishing one, but buying an e-cigarette will be a one time investment for you, working out much lower than the price of a full pack of traditional "analogue" cigarettes.

3-People who have failed to quit smoking even after trying a host of methods may find electronic cigarettes to be an effective alternative as e-cigarettes provide a similar experience to the smoker without harming their health like traditional cigarettes.

4-"Smoke free" enjoyment is another benefit of electronic cigarettes. Only water vapors are emitted by vaping with e-cigarettes, which are harmful neither for you nor the people around you due to the absence of second hand smoke - which is considered by many to be more harmful than direct smoking as with traditional cigarettes. The vapors emitted by e-cig vanish away within seconds.

5-You can enjoy the sensation of smoking through e-cigarettes anywhere you want as they are not prohibited like traditional cigarettes. You need not step out from any location to satisfy your urge if you use electronic cigarettes.

6-Improved health is another potential benefit of electronic cigarettes, as they contain neither any dangerous toxin, tar or carbon monoxide. Traditional cigarettes, on the other hand, contain more than four thousand dangerous chemicals.

7-You should try electronic cigarettes at least once if you have failed to stop smoking even after adopting a number of other methods. You will find it an affordable, healthy and socially acceptable alternative to conventional cigarettes. 

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