Highbrow (100% VG)

100%VG Highbrow Products

  • Vanilla Bourbon Bean 30ml

    Vanilla Bourbon Bean 30ml

    Certainly the most popular flavor on the planet for desserts and other culinary endeavors, vanilla does not take a back seat in the vaping world either.  Our vanilla bourbon bean is steeped with vanilla beans to give it that extra ounce of flavor.  A creamy high note is instilled to give it...


  • Watermelon 30ml

    Watermelon 30ml

    A summer treat can no doubt make winter blues disappear.  Our natural watermelon flavor is both crisp and clean with a slightly sweet taste on inhale that is refreshing and smooth.  The true ripe watermelon flavor abounds on exhale and stays true to its flavor with its aftertaste. please...


  • Strawberry Lemonade 30ml

    Strawberry Lemonade 30ml

    The wait is finally over!  One of our most popular flavor requests is finally coming to fruition just in time for the summer.  Since we grow copious amounts of citrus in our region and California as a whole is the largest producer of fresh strawberries in the world it seemed only natural to...