Q - How do I charge the battery?
A - To charge the battery simply unscrew it from your tank/clearomizer and screw it into the usb charger cable provided. You can then charge your battery from any USB source, laptop, PC, TV etc or from any standard USB connection wall charger.

Q - How do I fill the oil tank/clearomizer?
A -
 With all of our eGo range we suggest you read any information provided with the kit or via email with regards to filling the clearomizer. There are a few rules to follow which applies to all tanks and clearomizers on the market.
Never get liquid in the centre pipe, this is used as an airway for the vapour and will cause you to inhale liquid. 
Its normally a good idea to slightly tilt the tanks/clearomizer to fill as this will help prevent liquid from going into the centre pipe.
You may find it easier to use one of our needle tip bottles to fill some tanks/clearomizers, these can be found here - http://www.premiumvapour.co.nz/accessories

Q - The battery wont work? What could cause this?
A - 
The first thing to do if your battery is not working is to make sure it is turned on. This can be done by pressing the button either 3 or 5 times in quick succession.  If the button now lights up when you press it then the device is on and should be fine, if the button lights up but the device is still  not working this could be due to getting liquid onto the contact on either the cartomizer or the battery. We then suggest using a cotton bud or tissue paper to clean the contacts. Dry all parts and avoid getting liquid on the atomizer coil direct. Make sure you then re-connect them all so they are screwed together tightly, but NOT over tight. This will normally solve any further issues, but if it still fails to work then please contact us via email only using the link here - Contact Us

Q - What does '510 Thread' mean?
A - 510 Threaded batteries and clearomizers means any battery or clearomizer with 510 Thread will work together and can be purchased on this basis. Some clearomizers will screw on the inside thread of a 510 battery and can look much nicer with a convertor ring to cover over the other thread of the battery.

Q - How often do I need to change the Atomizer?
A - Its impossible to determine the exact life span of an atomizer as it all depends on the user and how frequently they use the device but the typical average is around 2-4 weeks per atomizer. This can be longer for a lighter user or less for a heavier user. You can view the full range of atomizers available here - http://www.premiumvapour.co.nz/accessories

Q - Im not getting as much vapour smoke, what could be causing this?
A - The main reason is that you need to replace the atomizer but you also need to make sure the battery has sufficient charge and that there is liquid in the tank/clearomizer. These factors will also cause the device to not work to its full potential. If you have changed the atomizer and the battery is charged with plenty of liquid in the tank/clearomizer then you may need to contact our Technical Support team for more advice using the contact us section found here - Contact Us

Q - What is VG and PG?
A - We always advise using our VG liquid. We do not supply products containing PG. Here are the details and definitions of what they mean in case you are not sure:
VG - Vegetable Glycerine. Gives a sweet smooth vape with plenty of vapour and a thicker liquid. Vegetable Glycerine comes mainly from plants and their oils. Its currently found in many products such as cosmetics and sweeteners. VG is also found in some soaps for people with sensitive skin as it helps to act as a moisturiser for various skin conditions like dry skin, rashes, burns and many more. Its also found to be useful to treat gum disease.
PG - Propylene Glycol. Gives a stronger throat hit but not as much vapour and a runnier liquid. Propylene Glycol is mainly used as a food additive but it is also found in many other items like massage oils and deodorants. Some people are allergic to PG and some side effects may include sore throat, muscle pains and rashes. If you experience any of these problems switch over to  VG mix.
Click on your desired flavour here http://www.premiumvapour.co.nz/e-liquids

Q-How do i become a Retailer?
A - Contact Us

Q - What does the LED colour mean on the USB Charger ?
A - When you initiate a charge normally the battery button LED will flash. This happens when you screw the battery into the USB Charger. Once connected the LED on the charger will either turn Red which means the battery is charging or Green show the battery already full. When the charge is complete the battery button LED will turn from Red to Green. If you are unsure of anything or experiencing problems please contact us- Contact Us