Dessert Flavours

  • Vanilla Bourbon Bean 30ml

    Vanilla Bourbon Bean 30ml

    Certainly the most popular flavor on the planet for desserts and other culinary endeavors, vanilla does not take a back seat in the vaping world either.  Our vanilla bourbon bean is steeped with vanilla beans to give it that extra ounce of flavor.  A creamy high note is instilled to give it...


  • Cappuccino Diablo 30ml

    Cappuccino Diablo 30ml

    Take on the rich and robust coffee favourite.  Creamy, smooth, and not bitter in the slightest, you will thoroughly enjoy this vape in the morning as well as the evening.  Slightly sweetened in its natural state, we stay true to form in our version as well. please allow an additional...


  • Cheesecake Delight 30ml

    Cheesecake Delight 30ml

    Cheesecake has been a fixture since the era of the Ancient Greeks, and for good reason - it is amazing.  Fast forward a few thousand years and its delicious flavor has remained a staple of dessert lovers. Our version of this timeless flavor is distinctively rich, sweet and filled with cream cheese...