Deluxe Pre-order

Deluxe E-Liquid bulk pre-orders are a great way to save money and ensure you're never caught short on your e-liquid supply.

COMING SOON - Enjoy our new 6 and 12 month deals with free shipping in NZ, 10% discount (using our discount code) for those paying monthly, and a whopping 15% discount if you pay your 6 or 12 month subscription up front.
All bulk pre-orders must be made by 5PM Wednesdays in order to be processed in a timely manner.

What is all this fancy talk about customized flavorings? 

At Premium Vapour we not only welcome customization of flavor, we encourage it!   Don't be misled by this into thinking these are your only options, however.  You have total control over what you want your juice to taste like.  Get creative...The possibilities are endless.  Rest assured knowing that we only use the finest natural flavourings in all of our products and only the highest quality PG/VG and Nicotine base.

To take the experience one step further we offer specific customizations regarding personal preferences such as double flavoring PG/VG percentage, etc.  

Where do I put my requests for customization?

When you purchase leave us a note e.g double flavouring, 50/50 PG/VG, add Chocolate. We will then customise the order

If you have any questions whatsoever about our customization process please do not hesitate to drop us a line.

  • DL Pure Pear 250ml

    DL Pure Pear 250ml

    How do you describe a pear to someone that has yet to eat one? Quite the conundrum. Hopefully most of you have run across a few in your time. Juicy with a natural sweetness and overall buttery taste note is what we have aimed for. Like the name says our pure pear flavor is a 100% pure pear extracted...


  • DL Vanilla Bourbon Bean 250ml

    DL Vanilla Bourbon Bean 250ml

    Certainly the most popular flavor on the planet for desserts and other culinary endeavors, vanilla does not take a back seat in the vaping world either.  Our vanilla bourbon bean is steeped with vanilla beans to give it that extra ounce of flavor.  A creamy high note is instilled to give it...


  • DL Watermelon 250ml

    DL Watermelon 250ml

    A summer treat can no doubt make winter blues disappear.  Our natural watermelon flavor is both crisp and clean with a slightly sweet taste on inhale that is refreshing and smooth.  The true ripe watermelon flavor abounds on exhale and stays true to its flavor with its aftertaste. please...


  • DL Cigar 250ml

    DL Cigar 250ml

    Although there are virtually limitless taste nuances associated with the cigar we feel we have created a flavor that emulates the finer qualities of this timeless treasure.  This rich and powerful blend of cocoa, pepper, spice with heavy earthy undertones is certain to please the most discriminating...


  • DL Clove 250ml

    DL Clove 250ml

    If you love a clove infused tobacco blend with an underlying smooth taste you will delight in this flavor.  Although overpowering in even small quantities, we made certain our tobacco flavoring prior to addition of clove was of the highest caliber to better highlight its unique qualities. ...


  • DL Exotic Blend 250ml

    DL Exotic Blend 250ml

    A wonderful exotic tobacco flavor wonderful on its own or combined with a fruit flavor of your choice.  Great care is taken in the creation of this delicious cigarette flavored blend.  A light and smooth tobacco taste with the most exquisite blends of tobaccos in one flavor.  Medium bodied...


  • DL French Pipe 250ml

    DL French Pipe 250ml

    A house favorite.  Our take on a decadent golden flue-cured and black danish aromatic pipe tobacco flavor give this wonderful liquid its distinctive Cavendish flavor.  A rich sweet flavor with notes of vanilla and cherry are faint on the back-end and not overwhelming with a wonderful throat...


  • DL Menthol Tobacco 250ml

    DL Menthol Tobacco 250ml

    Warm on inhale yet crisp and cool on exhale, our menthol tobacco flavor is easily one of our most successful at recreating its true cigarette counterpart.  We use the exotic blend tobacco as a base and add crushed menthol crystals. please allow an additional 7-10 days for delivery of this...


  • DL StrawberryLemonade250ml

    DL StrawberryLemonade250ml

    There is not a single beverage that quenches one's thirst on a hot summer day quite like a refreshing glass of strawberry lemonade.  The resulting months of testing has produced a tangy and slightly sweet treat that is as close to the real thing as we can achieve. What awaits you is a delightful...


  • DL RY4 250ml

    DL RY4 250ml

    This is perhaps our most sought after tobacco flavored juice, made using vanilla bean infusion as well as premium caramel and cocoa flavorings to produce just enough sweetness to match a bold underlying tobacco flavor.  The flavors blend to create a smooth, slightly sweet and nutty inhale with...


  • DL tabac de Perique 250ml

    DL tabac de Perique 250ml

    Burly and Perique tobacco flavors round out this medium bodied blend and offer forth a mellow all day vape full of flavor.  A very subtle hint of sweetness on exhale combined with a robust yet smooth tobacco flavor combine to make this one of our favorite vapes.  In our taste testing process...


  • DL Crispy Apple 30ml

    DL Crispy Apple 30ml

    If they had E liquid in the Garden of Eden, Adam would be in trouble.  Our crisp red apple flavor is a devilishly delicious slice of heaven.  We describe this wonderful treat as clean, crisp, slightly sweet, and fresh in flavor.please allow an additional 7-10 days for delivery of this item...


  • DL Pomegranate 250ml

    DL Pomegranate 250ml

    Our pomegranate E liquid will absolutely amaze you! The climate and soil conditions of the Central San Joaquin Valley where our supplier is located provides without a doubt the most ideal conditions for growing this fruit in the entire world. Our supplier harvests its wonderful bounty fresh from their...


  • DL Chai Tea 250ml

    DL Chai Tea 250ml

    Our take on this increasingly popular beverage is a rich and complicated affair.  We took the essence of black tea and infused it with vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg.  Very rich and potent and not for the faint of heart. Don't be scared, it's actually one of our favorites.please allow...