DL StrawberryLemonade250ml
DL StrawberryLemonade250ml

There is not a single beverage that quenches one's thirst on a hot summer day quite like a refreshing glass of strawberry lemonade.  The resulting months of testing has produced a tangy and slightly sweet treat that is as close to the real thing as we can achieve. What awaits you is a delightful combination of our popular limoncello flavor infused with locally grown sweet strawberry flavor extractions.  If you enjoy Highbrow fruit flavors this is sure to impress!

This product  - 

  •   100% natural flavors. 0% artificial flavors.
  •   99.9% pharmaceutical grade nicotine.
  •   100% USP Kosher food grade PG/VG.       
  •  No dilution unless requested. 
  •  Come with childproof caps and warning label.

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